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What it Takes to Run Kickshaw

Our projected annual expenses for a full season* in a permanent space is estimated at $400,000. *5 full productions and an original “Lab” piece

View our detailed breakdown of projected income and expenses.

View our Profit & Loss statement of actual income and expenses from 2015.

The Electric Baby Financial Summary

We made a splash with our debut production, The Electric Baby by Stefanie Zadravec in January-February 2016! 

Don Calamia, a veteran theater critic in SE Michigan, wrote: "With their first show, Kickshaw has already mastered the art of creating excellent, thought-provoking theater. It’s one of the best opening productions by a new company I've ever seen."

Here is a breakdown of what it cost to produce The Electric Baby.

The Electric Baby Expenses

Kickshaw honors the trust of its donors through mindful management of resources.

Until we have built a solid foundation for Kickshaw, we are working as volunteers. By borrowing equipment and hiring exceptionally skilled designers, we produced The Electric Baby for $39,000, which was $6,000 under the projected budget.

The largest expense - 52% - went toward employing the 19 artists it took to create the show. 

Kickshaw supporters are job creators!


Item Budget Actual
Payroll $23,767 $20,526
Professional Fees $0 $4,674
Rent $4,500 $4,500
Production Design $8,080 $3,118
Rights $3,000 $2,400
Equipment $1,000 $1,470
Advertising $2,150 $1,578
Insurance $3,000 $1,090
Total $45,397 $39,356

The Electric Baby Income

Generous donations from our founding investors made up the largest portion of our production budget, enabling us to produce a stunning piece of theatre, and stay in the black.

Our marketing efforts, while done on a shoestring, resulted in over 600 tickets sold.

As our reputation and visibility grow, we expect ticket sales to soar!


Revenue Source Amount
Ticket Sales $11,340
Program Ad Sales $325
Total $11,665