Kickshaw Theatre

The Kickshaw Lab: where theatrical experimentation happens.

For our 2017 Lab, Kickshaw received a grant from the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation to produce Here’s To You, Here’s To Me, an interactive musical performance based around the ritual of toasting. Kickshaw will be inviting several local artists to participate in the development of the show, including musicians, actors, improvisers, a choreographer, and maybe even a mixologist to create a signature beverage! Here’s To You, Here’s To Me will be performed in local area bars and breweries to ensure that participants have their choice of beverages to toast with. The audience will gather in a loose, informal circle to listen to stories, songs, and toasts. The ultimate effect will be a room full of rowdy people, celebrating life. For tickets visit

In Summer 2016, our Lab production was part of the Ann Arbor Art Center's Pop-In.

Our playful 15-minute comedy performance, Technology, In the Flesh, followed the the journey of a scientist experimenting with digital and analog stimuli. Dr. Tina Burglorgler and her research assistant Quatthew invited their “human test subjects” to participate in a series of interactive experiments, developed at the Institute for Development of Ideas and Other Thoughts (I.D.I.O.T.).